I am a Project Manager / Producer / Digital Manager / Facilitator.

I am looking for a permanent or longer term contract role somewhere I can settle in and be part of the organisation. I am currently freelance with various contracts.

I have been a client and supplier on different projects so I know how it is on either side. I have designed and facilitated workshops, events and conferences, f2f and online, so I have a keen focus on collaboration and clear communication.

I mostly work with CiviCRM, WordPress, and Drupal in various forms.

As a contractor, how is it to work with me?

My approach is like having that person in your organisation. I handle all of the digital-related questions that come up in an organisation using the web or doing a web project – including strategy, IT, design, communications, engagement, training, internal structure, operations, decision-making, long term service arrangements, updates, power, conflict resolution, who gets to say what goes on the homepage etc. 

I work transparently using shared project management tools (unless requested to use alternatives). Each step is documented as pithily as possible and I keep timesheets that we share. I aim to be replaceable at any step as well – ie someone else could step in, read the notes, and pick up where I left off. 

My work breaks down loosely into Production/Project Management, Digital Management and Facilitation. 

Production / Project Management

  • Produce CRM projects, mostly CiviCRM (see CRM page)
  • Produce and manage a ‘stable’ of sensible, simple and affordable WordPress sites (see websites page)
  • Project manage larger digital projects
  • Provide WordPress experience, advice and support
  • Provide Google ‘Gsuite’ intranet set up and migrations
  • Provide Drupal experience, advice and support
  • Provide CiviCRM advanced use experience, advice and support
  • Provide advice on, and produce available ‘cloud’ services to organise, co-ordinate and deliver projects
  • Familiar with project managing iterative digital life cycle from strategy, to requirements, into production, and then round: user experience design, usability, programming, editorial, interface design, measurement, bug fixing, maintenance, version 2 etc. 

Digital Management

  • Community-based projects, Membership and NGO service providers
  • Experienced in management of multi-disciplinary teams, varying budgets and technologies, producing requirements, working with agencies and individual suppliers
  • Source and manage digital IT infrastructure and suppliers for affordable accessible environmentally friendly (open source) frameworks (e.g. CRM, web hosting, CMS publishing, ticketing tracking, web analytics, Intranet
  • Produce the products (e.g. organisational websites, directories, fora, blogs, newsletters, social networking software, etc.)
  • Deliver the services in collaboration with wide variety of user groups (e.g. national volunteer blogging project, one click websites for community groups, news aggregation and distribution engines, apps and widgets)
  • Manage the technology from strategic roadmaps to operational details; used to oversight for multiple web applications on different platforms and user groups
  • Care for, and about, staff: recruit and manage contractors and volunteers; have co-created technical co-op with developers and designers to deliver technologies
  • Manage multi-streamed budgets; sought and secured funding, reported to funders, so far haven’t gone over-budget! 


  • Facilitated groups and communities on and offline over a range of time periods in contexts ranging from joyous collaboration to uncomfortable conflict via change, expansion and reduction
  • Designed and facilitated workshops, events and meetings in a range of sectors, locations and purposes
  • Online ‘socio-technical’ production for physical events/conferences: ie work with event teams to agree community development patterns around physical events and produce online services to support 
  • Outreach and network development
  • Facilitator mentoring
  • Individual coaching
  • Community engagement online and offline
  • Long term group design and development
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