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I’m the CEO of Network, a small counselling charity, and I’ve been working with Ed for a year on a CRM upgrade.

Ed has helped us to wade through an unusable CRM, hacking a path through chaotic systems in order to take control of our data and processes.

I really recommend working with Ed. He’s friendly and knowledgable, systematic and a clear communicator. He has a brilliant knowledge of both IT and the non-profit / values-driven sector.

Ed has a strong grasp of the technology, but the main thing I’ve appreciated is his understanding of the human aspects of systems.

It’s not just about building a ‘perfect’ system that works with data – it also needs to inspire confidence, minimise frustration and not feel overwhelming.

Ed has showed a real sensitivity to our organisation’s context: some forms are filled in by traumatised people, others are used by busy students – Ed’s helped us to build a system that works for our people.

As an external consultant, Ed has been just what we needed – someone who quickly understood our context and needs, along with the tech knowledge to propose solutions.

I also really value Ed’s network-building skills. He has encouraged us to make relationships with peer organisations to learn from each other.

Mat Ray, CEO, Network Counselling (Feb 2023)

Ed relates to individuals and teams beautifully. This capacity enables his technical understanding and creative thought processes to communicate clearly and helpfully to the organisation with which he is working.

He wrestled our complex client journey, communicated to him in fragments, into a cohesive visual format. This has enabled the entire team to understand our own system and has triggered significant internal improvement. Helping us develop a Request for a CRM proposal, he steered a core team through a series of meetings and drew from this work the key elements that are needed to understand what it is we need and want in a CRM, and how to communicate this effectively to potential suppliers.
He is quick to effect an action, extremely responsive and generous with his time. As the Operations Manager I have leant on his thoughtful understanding, technical know-how and guidance at every stage.  I whole-heartedly recommend his work.

Alice Wheeler, Operations Manager, Listening Post, 2022.

Ed has a rare range of skills – he can bridge the gap between web/IT technical teams and other members of staff in a way that I have very rarely encountered, while also bringing an acute emotional and organisation intelligence to all he does, and while also manifesting impressive energy, dedication and strategic thinking.

Peter Lipman, (ex) Chair, Transition Network, Anthropocene Actions

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